BPO Operations And Services

As an IT/ITES company, CoE Software Technologies Pvt,Ltd would serve a broad range of industries with an even broader range of programs. Given a unique, value-driven approach, CoE Software Technologies Pvt,Ltd would consistently lowered costs on its client programs, while improving quality and delivering more efficient service.

CoE Software Technologies Pvt,Ltd will set higher standards for its performance on existing programs and will take on new types of programs where our value-focused approach can have a strong impact, such as enterprise-level help desk and travel reservations. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive custom care dedicated to quality in the industry.

Customers Care Service and Support We handle calls as simple as balance inquiries and as complex as mutual funds brokerage. We provide customer satisfaction and know how to keep your customers happy. Technical Support/Help desk Your customers want the right answer, and they want it quickly. Our first-call resolution rates are equivalent or much higher than our competitors' and our handle times are lower, all while cutting costs.

Telesales/Outbound/Inbound Campaigns Our target is to be one of the companies with the highest conversion rates in the industry, delivering inbound, outbound and retention services to market leaders in a wide range of fields. Medical Transcription/Data Handling & Encoding Process Our center also provides medical transcription with technology and medical professionals who are HEPPA compliant to ensure the fastest turn over of medical voice.