Technical Support

Putting Technical innovations to support for Our Clients-tag line

As a veteran of the technical support environment, CoE Soft knows what technology customers want and how to provide the service they expect. Our technical support clients represent some of the largest and most demanding brands in the world, and we are consistently ranked as their number one support partner.

CoE Soft's highly knowledgeable, educated technical support staff learns your high-tech products inside and out, and provides quick, thorough assistance to your customers. We recruit tech-savvy individuals who pride themselves on their service ethic, which means our clients' customers always come first. By solving technical problems correctly and quickly, CoE Soft builds brand loyalty and opens the door for additional cross-sell and upsell opportunities. For a leading OEM provider, CoE Soft used its technical support expertise in combination with upsell/cross-sell programs to create quantifiable value of over $5 million in sales revenue.

CoE Soft's technical support expertise includes:
  • Configuration/ Troubleshooting
  • Dispatch management
  • Escalation management
  • Installation & connectivity Level 1, 2 and 3 technical support
  • Predictive dissatisfaction modeling
  • Reliability tracking and reporting
  • Warranty or post-warranty support