About Us

CoE SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES PVT,LTD is a premium Imformation Technology and its enabled services,customer care and technical support services for many global companies.

CoE SOFT is a trusted advisor to some of the largest technology, retail, entertainment/media, telecommunications and financial services companies in the world.

Our service programs are delivered through a set of standardized best practices by a highly skilled workforce of over 200 employees based out of 5 solution centers.CoE SOFTcontinues to expand its global presence and service offerings to increase revenue, improve operational efficiencies and drive brand loyalty.

CoE SOFT provides the following for its valued client base:


This extensive global footprint enables CoE SOFTto provide the right balance of service programs for our clients, taking into account factors such as product life cycle, the complexity of the work being performed, cultural and language requirements, and the economics of the total service solution.

We work closely with our clients to best understand what drives their economic value, and implement processes and performance metrics to optimize results on a global basis.


CoE SOFTprovides its clients a broad, full-service offering of truly innovative and comprehensive BPO services in sales and revenue generation, technical support, customer care and back office offerings. These offerings span multiple customer touch points and may encompass several product and service lines.

This extensive selection of service and support programs enables our clients to achieve the same level of service and support for all their outsourcing needs – all from one vendor.


We seek to establish long-term, strategic relationships with our clients by delivering high-value solutions that help improve our clients’ revenue generation, reduce operating costs, and improve customer satisfaction. To achieve these objectives, CoE SOFT has assembled a management team of experienced CRM and contact center professionals. CoE SOFT’s leadership comprises a truly performance-driven, client-centric and nimble group that continually works with our clients to deliver superior service.

We understand what it takes to deliver service and support solutions that truly speak to our clients needs – because we’ve been doing it for years.

We will work closely with each and every one of our clients to ensure that their particular support programs are tailored to their business goals and continually deliver value.