Customer Care

Innovation for the loyality-tagline

CoE Soft views each customer contact as an opportunity to build a relationship for our clients and enhance their brand value. We are the recognized leader at excelling within the most demanding and complex customer care engagements, where a highly skilled workforce with specialized training is required. Our commitment to our clients is the same as our commitment to their customers: expert care, quick resolution and opportunities to realize additional value.

CoE Soft's ability to resolve customer issues in a timely manner builds brand value for our clients and lays the foundation for upsell/cross-sell opportunities. Our clients benefit from enhanced brand loyalty and additional revenue, as well as from the analytics we provide on their customer interactions. The blended care and sales programs Stream develops helps our clients drive down costs and increase revenue. For a US electronics retailer, CoE Soft's customer care and revenue generation programs resulted in significantly higher customer satisfaction results and the client's sales figures increased for both phone and in-store sales.

Stream's customer care services include:
  • Billing inquiries/account adjustments
  • Claims processing
  • Complaint and issue resolution
  • Merchant authorization
  • Merchant encashment/check validation
  • Order management
  • Password reset/appeals
  • Payments and refunds
  • Product inquiries
  • Returns/request for maintenance
  • Warranty services